Plymouth Diesel Locomotive

diesel locomotiveOn March 19th 2004, the newly restored locomotive moved under it’s own power on rails for the first time in many years. The next day it made a successful test run to Pardee Point with the two passenger cars.

During the summer, Junior Adventure Quest campers and their parents are treated to an exciting trip on the train, passing through the historic tunnel into the gorge for over a mile of breathtaking views of the mountains and river. The same trip is included for participants of Saturday Day Quest as well.

old diesel locomotiveThe locomotive is a Plymouth Model HSD, serial #7229, built in late 1977 and delivered in early 1978 to Peabody Coal Company. It was found rusting at a scrap dealer in Chilhowie, VA and purchased for DRG in 2002. Originally built to 42 inch gauge the wheel base converted to 36 inch by DRG to fit on the narrow gage track. The rebuilt engine is a 100 HP Caterpillar 3304 directly coupled to a reversible, variable displacement hydraulic pump. The pump drives a fixed displacement hydraulic motor connected by drive chain to the axles.