From second grade through college, we offer sequential, age-appropriate programs that will inspire students to be more than they could imagine by helping them discover their value and abilities, learn Christ-like character, and know the God who loves them.

Exceptional Staff

We prayerfully select hardworking, kid-loving, God-honoring young people that receive over two weeks of intensive training to maximize efficiency, safety and spiritual impact.

Health and Safety

Safety is top priority. While danger is inherent in any adventure activity, we seek to minimize that risk through well-designed courses, regularly inspected equipment, and highly-trained staff. A medical professional is on site 24/7 during the summer.

Personalized Attention

Emotional safety is very important. A counselor/student ratio of 2:8, minimizes the potential for bullying and gives campers personalized supervision, instruction, and attention necessary to achieve our program goals.

Fabulous Meals

We take pride in great tasting, nutritious meals that have become a featured tradition. Special diets can be provided with prior notice.

Partner in Parenting

We are committed to partner with parents by offering programs that will educate, motivate, and inspire your children to be all they can be.