Father/Son Challenge

September 6-8,2024

A father-son weekend retreat for fathers & sons ages 7 and up

$260 per person

Pack your bags and escape to Doe River Gorge for an adventurous, memory-making weekend! Fathers and sons will brave  challenges, have fun, and form new friendships. Most of all, you will bond and make memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Rappel together down a rock face, tackle a challenge course, go horseback riding, play paintball, race each other down the 700-foot water-landing ziplines, or leap together from the top of a 30-foot pole and try to catch a trapeze bar…and that’s just the beginning! The weekend will be filled with surprise events, worship, engaging speakers, and time in God’s Word—all designed to help you build and strengthen the father/son relationship.

father- son fishing in river
father-son with activity gear on trail
dad and son building wood craft
climbing tower
father and son in climbing gear
father-son retreat technical tree climbing
lake inflatable blob kids jumping

“Do you feel like you are failing as a father or you need to just reunite the father/son relationship? Come, experience a life-changing weekend that will change your father/son relationship forever.”

Joseph, dad, Tennessee

“This is the best family vacation I’ve ever had!”

Christian, son, South Carolina

“Doe River Gorge is a place where you can escape the daily pressures of life and grow closer to your son and to God.” 

David, dad, Tennessee

“I learned how much my Dad loves me.”

Nate, son, North Carolina

“My son was 9 years old on our first Father/Son Challenge. Now he has become a man any father would be proud of, and I can say that our visits to Doe River Gorge have been an integral part of our relationship, my training as a father, and his formation as a Christian.”

Digby, father, Kentucky