Electric Motor Car

electric speeder motor carNovember 11, 2005 marked the arrival of a new railcar. It was custom-built and donated by Alan Wilber, who also was part of the crew that rock removal from the track in March 2004.

The electric railcar, dubbed the “eSpeeder”, was conceived when Alan, who has restored and built several railcars, offered to build DRG a new car with an 48 volt electric golf cart drive system.

electric speeder with jr campersDRG’s track speed is relatively low, so a low drive ratio was chosen to make all excess power available for pulling as it will often pull a passenger trailer to activities as well as sightseeing groups on scenic tours. Both axles are driven, providing good traction even on wet rails.

On the return trip downgrade, it holds back a load equally well. In addition to mechanical braking systems, a clever adaptation of a standard automotive alternator can also provide braking action while partially recharging the batteries.

The floor and railings are aluminum and the sides stainless steel providing all-weather durability.