Financial Support

Doe River Gorge Ministries takes great measures to ensure that our Summer Staff are ministered to and cared for in every way. As a Summer Staff member you have the choice to either pursue faith-based financial support through donations or to simply volunteer for the summer.

Every staff member receives:

  • Great meals
  • Lodging
  • Job/position Training
  • Biblical discipleship
  • Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED training
  • Lifeguard training (if qualified)
  • Workers Comp Insurance


You will be invited to raise faith-based financial support of $300 per week.

If you choose to raise support, You must:
  • Supply a minimum of 50 potential donors (friends, family, churches).
  • Send thank-you letters to your donors.
  • Communicate with your support team.

DRG will:

  • Provide a letter from you to your contacts.
  • Provide envelopes and postage.

Questions? Contact Us