Policy for Medical Staff Volunteers and their child(ren)

Children of volunteer medical staff are able to attend at no charge Adventure Quest programs of duration equal to the number of medical volunteer days given.  The program dates may be other than the volunteer dates.  The cost of Leadership/specialty programs (2-4 weeks) would be reduced by the number of volunteer days.

The volunteer must schedule service time before registering the child, or pay the deposit & tuition and be reimbursed after confirming volunteer dates. First-time Medical Staff need to pay the deposit which will be refunded after approval of application and volunteer schedule.

Any children accompanying Medical Staff who are not enrolled as campers must be supervised at all times by a non-Medical Staff volunteer at least 16 years old who has completed the Volunteer Application and Background Check. Meal charges for additional individuals will be at DRG discretion.

Reservation details are to be arranged with the registrar (423-725-4010 ext 316).