Field Trip Classes

options for every age


Talk with Animals

Come experience the wonders of the animal kingdom like you never have before! In this one-hour touch and talk students will get up close with 5-7 different species of animals and learn how perfectly designed they are to do what they do.

Horse Studies

Using tools such as horse painting, lassoing, horseback rides, and hands on interaction students learn about the anatomy of horses. This class is great for younger students.


Through searching for evidence of decomposition and various decomposers, students gain an understanding of how decomposition contributes to the matter cycle and ecosystem.

River Critters

Students search the riverbank and use nets to collect river critters. Through their exploration, they discover how aquatic macro invertebrates are perfectly suited to survive in a river ecosystem, and how the presence of different species indicates the quality of the water. At the end of the session, the students get together and compare their findings (and their critters!) with their peers.

Tree Detectives

Students will experience the forest in a way they never have before. Using their senses, they are able to engage directly with nature and build a deeper understanding of the forest ecosystem. This class covers the process of photosynthesis and will teach students some tricks to engage with nature.

Nature Hike

Our guide will take you into the gorge on one of our beautiful trails and point out some of our unique flora & fauna.

Incredible Invertebrates

Insects, spiders, and snails, OH My! Students get into the field to collect live invertebrate specimens. By comparing and contrasting what they find, students learn the structure and function of these living creatures that make up the majority of life on the planet earth.


Come learn how to start a campfire! In this hands-on class, students get to practice making campfires while learning the different elements of fire and how to safely use this amazing tool.

Outdoor Shelters

Students learn to construct a basic lean-to survival shelter with no man-made materials. This activity requires students to work as a team and think critically to finish their shelter in time.

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