Gap Year program for high school graduates ages 18-24

One of the most difficult times in life is the transition from high school into early adulthood. It is a time when you are seeking to discover your gifts, abilities, and passions, while contemplating college, your future career, and a host of other decisions. Perhaps you find yourself in the all-too-familiar position of not knowing which way to turn.
If this sounds like you, then we invite you to explore Exponential.

Exponential is a nine-month residential learning experience to help you discover your abilities, and passions while building a foundation for your faith. Studies have shown that 66% of believers will stray from their faith during college.

Exponential will help you be part of those who don’t! As you learn to defend your faith, you will also develop character and leadership skills. Upon completing the program, you are encouraged to apply for a three-month extension as staff at Adventure Quest summer camps where you will apply what you’ve learned.

Spiritual Growth

Experience spiritual growth through worship, prayer, and Bible study. Growth through the Word of God is cultivated through scripture memorization, group discussions, and daily devotions. Teaching by the Doe River Gorge staff as well as outside instructors will build and challenge you in your walk with Christ. Through the teaching, ministry experiences, and personal mentoring, you will begin to discover your gifts, abilities, and passions.

Skill Development

You will develop practical skills to be used the rest of your life. Skills in ministry, team-building, administration, carpentry, outdoor education, working with the public, finance, and a host of other opportunities will equip you to handle needs that arise in daily life.

Personal Relationships

Living in a community of other like-minded believers, you will have the opportunity to develop valuable friendships. You will learn how to keep short accounts, forgive and accept forgiveness. Whether you are having a conversation over coffee or strumming a guitar, you will develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

Physical and Mental Discipline

You want your life to count. The choices you make daily have eternal results. Through personal coaching, you will begin to develop disciplines to become what you want to be so that you can do what you want to do. Disciplines as simple as getting out of bed, personal devotions, Scripture memory, and being on time for appointments all have significant impact. Working with teammates, you will learn to push yourself beyond what you thought was possible.

Fun and Adventure

You will not only have the opportunity to work hard but also to play hard. You’ll be around some of the most active people in your generation and have plenty of free time to relax and enjoy life. Exponential offers a combination of fun, adventure activities, social activities, and day-to-day fellowship with others designed to foster deep, life-long friendships.

Exponential is a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week experience that includes the following:

  • Experiential and classroom training
  • Ministry Experience
  • Meal Preparation
  • Personal study times
  • Free time and group instruction
  • Activity Instructor
  • Maintenance
  • Retail Sales
  • Food Service
  • Teaching Outdoor Education

“The internship allowed me to take a step back from school, from my job, from the pressures of the outside world. It grounded me in the Lord and firmly in Christ Jesus.” ~ Josh, 2016

“I don’t even know how to put to words how much of a blessing Doe River and Exponential has been to me. I have grown with my fellow interns and we’ve just become a huge family. God has really grown me and taught me a lot of things about Himself.” ~ Hailey, 2016
“The way that Jesus taught was through discipleship: living life with one another, teaching, and mentoring with multiple people – iron sharpening iron – to make them an effective weapon for Christ. In this day and age, there’s nowhere that I’ve seen, that I’ve found, that I’ve even been offered, to do discipleship like it’s done here at Doe River.” ~ Peyton, 2016


To be eligible, the following requirements must be met:
  • Belief in Jesus Christ as Savior
  • A desire to pursue a lifestyle consistent with Christian principles
  • Completed High School
  • Between the ages 18 and 24
  • Unmarried
  • Be in good physical health
Applicants must be able and willing to:
  • Live at Doe River Gorge in dormitory housing
  • Provide proof of medical insurance
  • Work with your team to cover the cost and preparation of your meals
  • Travel internationally (valid passport required)
  • Agree to the Doe River Gorge Statement of Faith.
Application Process: