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Doe River Gorge is a place where kids of all ages can experience one of the best times of their lives while creating unforgettable memories! It is three miles of pristine wilderness packed with spectacular scenery, fascinating history, exhilarating adventures, premier accommodations, and fun-loving staff. It is a place where young people can build lifelong friendships, develop new skills, and get to know the God who created it all.

Partnering with Parents

There is nothing more valuable than our children. As parents, we want them to have every opportunity to achieve and develop their full God-given potential.

But raising kids in the 21st century can be a daunting task. Cultural influences seek to undermine the values we hold dear by reshaping their beliefs, values, morals, and behaviors.

Too often this leads to unexpected consequences—costly addictions, unwanted pregnancies, shallow relationships, low self-esteem, and a crisis of belief. As a result, hearts are broken, lives are shattered, and families are devastated.

“Every parent should send their child to DRG. It is the gift of a lifetime and beyond. No one leaves the same.”  -Pam, parent of camper, Georgia

“They left nothing out!! Hospitality was perfect! Food was amazing! The opportunities for play and fun were the most complete I’ve seen possibly ever!” ~ Kellie McClintock

“An AMAZING Christian adventure camp for children of all ages! From the moment you pull into the property you will be in awe of the beauty. The children are immediately excited seeing the huge log cabins, the lake and water activities, etc.  I’m on my 4th child whom I drive from Chicago to TN for this camp, it’s seriously THAT amazing!” ~ Shannon, parent, Illinois

Our Mission

We believe our kids are worthy of something more. It is the desire of Doe River Gorge to partner with parents in a shared mission “to inspire and equip our young people to be all that God created them to be.”

Away from the pressures of daily life and in an atmosphere of fun, adventure, acceptance, and love, Doe River Gorge offers programs where students are challenged to build their lives on the only one and sure foundation—the truths of God’s infallible Word. Each year hundreds of young people meet God in deep, life-changing ways and experience “defining moments” that alter the course of their lives.

Experiences That Shape Character & Values

Doe River Gorge is a place where young people get to unplug and recharge while they experience fun, adventure, acceptance, and love. With over 50 activities ranging from high adventure to creative arts, to waterfront activities, students learn new skills, develop confidence, discover their gifts and abilities, build new friendships, and excel in their walk with Christ. From their first waking moments until their head hits the pillow at night, their days will be filled with . . .

discover FUN! canoes racing-hand paddling

Discover FUN!

Doe River Gorge may be the most fun place on planet Earth! From crazy games to hilarious activities, and “it-doesn’t-matter-who-wins” competitions, Doe River Gorge is packed with incredible fun. Combine all of this with some of the most fun-loving, God-honoring counselors that can be found in America and kids experience unapparelled personal and spiritual growth while creating unforgettable memories.


Doe River Gorge explodes with adventure! Students build confidence and overcome fears as they scale towering cliffs, rappel sheer rock walls, tube whitewater rapids, brave a high challenge course, or engage in a battle of paintball. And for those who prefer some scaled-down adventures they can saddle up a horse and ride along a cool mountain trail, or relax at the lakefront.

discover ADVENTURE - 2 boys rappelling on a rock face
kids in tubing helmets smiling


Each person will be uplifted and encouraged as they find themselves surrounded by friendly, smiling faces ready to help them have one of the best times of their life. In an atmosphere where people are celebrated and “put-downs” are not permitted, they will find refuge and freedom from the stress that comes from the routine of everyday life.

They will discover that they have value and significance and have been uniquely created by God for a life of meaning and purpose.

Discover LOVE!

In an atmosphere where successes are celebrated and failures are viewed as stepping stones, young people will discover and experience the amazing and unconditional love that God has for them. It is a place where past hurts and failures can be put behind them and a place where they can experience the joy that comes from living life as God intended.

camp activity in river

“The closest thing to Heaven you can get. Whether it’s the Godly community or the beauty around it, DRG is truly paradise.” ~ Donovan, Orlando, FL

“Home away from home, one of the happiest places on earth.” ~ Samuel, age 14, Johnson City, TN

Find the Program that is Right for the Young Person you Love.

From the time your child is seven-years-old until they graduate from college, Doe River Gorge offers age-related and sequential programs that will inspire and equip them to be passionate followers of Christ so they can be all that God created them to be.

These programs lead to exponential personal growth and development. Click here to find a program that is right for your young person.

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