Our Beginnings

Since its inception, Doe River Gorge has been a series of God’s miraculous provisions. He has provided in ways and at times that could only have come from His hand. He has done “exceeding abundantly beyond all that we could have asked or thought…to Him be the glory forever and ever.”

This written history is meant to glorify God and Him only. Names of people He has used to accomplish His will are simply servants who have been honored and humbled to be a part of His work. This history is still being written and will not be complete until He returns.

Since his college years, Terry Maughon had a dream of beginning a new ministry in East Tennessee for the purpose of reaching young people for Christ. During his years of training at Moody Bible Institute and working in camps during the summer, his dream was greatly enhanced. In 1981, working as a youth minister for Grace Fellowship Church in Johnson City, Tennessee he began conducting summer camp programs using rented facilities. As these programs grew from year to year, others began to see the need and value for an expanded ministry and a new facility.

Two of those who would become instrumental in the formation and development of Doe River Gorge were Dr. Larry Graham and Mr. Jeff Blackburn. For several years, both of these gentlemen had encouraged Terry to pursue his vision and had joined with him in praying for God’s will and timing. Through the encouragement and prayer support of Larry and Jeff, as well as that of many friends, God began to work in miraculous ways to bring this dream to reality.

In 1985, Terry and a friend, Gary Gilliam, hiked the Doe River Gorge. As they walked along the old railroad bed they were awed by the beauty and majesty of God’s creation as well as the potential to develop programs within the Gorge for the purpose of reaching young people for Christ. When they got to the second trestle bridge, Terry and Gary sat down on the bridge and prayed, “Lord, if there is to ever be a new camp in East Tennessee, it should be here.”

A Dream Becomes Reality

In July of 1987, two and one-half miles of property in the scenic Doe River Gorge were purchased at a cost of only one-fourth its appraised value. A new non-profit organization was formed, money began to be raised, and the dream of creating a place to share the love of Christ with young people was on its way to becoming a reality.

Although weekly Bible studies and small weekend retreats began almost immediately there was much work to be done before full-scale summer programs could begin. Site plans had to be developed; buildings and recreational facilities needed to be built; programs had to be planned and staff had to be hired. In addition, the facility had to be maintained. With no money for maintenance, much less development, the task seemed impossible. Many said that it would never happen. But God delights in doing the impossible and almost immediately He went to work.