Adventure Quest

Camps for Teens

Entering Grades 7-12
Your time at Doe River Gorge will blow your mind! Through wild and crazy games, hilarious skits, fun at the lakefront, and laughter on the mud course, you will form lasting friendships and build unforgettable memories.

Doe River Gorge will quench your thirst for adventure! Your days will be filled with water activities, outdoor sports, ziplines, ropes courses, rappelling, paintball, horseback riding, tubing whitewater rapids, and relaxing on a white-sand beach. Experience high adventure as you challenge yourself in ways you never imagined and grow in ways you never expected.

You will be uplifted and encouraged as you find yourself surrounded by friendly, smiling faces ready to help you have one of the best times of your life! In an atmosphere where people are celebrated and "put-downs" are not permitted, you will build new and lasting friendships and find refuge from the pressures of everyday culture.

At Doe River Gorge, you will come to intimately know the Creator-God who so passionately cares about you! You will discover that real joy comes from living for Christ, and gain a new love for people, a love for God's truth, and a new joy in living each day.

Bring your Youth Group

Come as a group, leave as a team!
Doe River Gorge is ideal for youth groups. It's a refuge where you and your students can reconnect, refresh, and re-energize as you fall in love with the magnificent God of all creation.

Your students will soar in their walk with Christ while building unity and trust in each other. We provide all of the programming and logistics: team building initiatives, high adventure activities, fabulous food, transformational teaching, passionate worship experiences, and debriefing sessions to give you, as the leader, the freedom to play and love and invest in your students.

You'll leave refreshed and your students will return home as a team of unified, committed disciples, strengthened in their faith and the Lord.

Organized groups receive a substantial discount off normal rates. Call 423.725.4010 for more information and to register your group.
We can't wait to see you and your group at Adventure Quest 2018!

Call 423-725-4010 for options

4-day camp

Camp-Date : June 28 - July 1

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