Ministry Team

Terry Maughon - Founder and President (1987)

Terry graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 1978. He served as Director of Student Ministries at Grace Fellowship Church in Johnson City, TN for 16 years. During that time, he conducted summer camps using rented facilities and eventually formed Doe River Gorge Ministries, where he has served as president since 1994. Terry and his wife, Karen, and have three children: Kara (married to Mark Page), Danielle, and Michael. button link

Ryan Vernon - Program Director (1995)

Worked as a volunteer during development years of Doe River Gorge. After college he became the Activities/Program Director. He and his wife, Jennifer have two sons. Newsletter | family photo | SUPPORT the Vernons button link

Clif and Hannah Jensen - Visual Media/Website (1996)

Camp photographer, videographer, and web site manager. After graduating from Cedarville College and Moody Aviation, he and his wife Hannah were missionaries in Amazonas, Brazil with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism for 19 years. They have five children and sixteen grandchildren. Hannah helps in the office and with Adventure Quest videos and photography. ( more) SUPPORT the Jensens | Newsletter button link

Mark Milbourne - Technical Services (1997)

Graduated from Wheaton College in 1987-Computer Science/Math. Worked for DuPont as a Systems Analyst until 1995.  Manages computer and A/V systems and railroad operations. Wife Nancy also served on staff 1996-2000.   Two children, Jon (2001) and Kate (2003). (more) Newsletter | family photo | SUPPORT the Milbournes button link

Jeff Smythe - Program Services Director (1999)

While at Moody Aviation 1986-1991 Jeff and Pam Smythe were youth ministry volunteers in the early days of Doe River Gorge. After serving five years with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Guatemala, Jeff and Pam joined the Doe River Gorge Staff. Jeff and Pam have four children. (more) SUPPORT the Smythes About.Me | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook button link

David Jensen - Ministry Development (2000)

David graduated from East Tennessee State University in August 2000 with a major in Accounting and a minor in Finance (B.B.A.). He spent eight of his growing up years serving with his family as missionaries in Amazonas, Brazil. David and his wife, Kristen met at age 4 and are now enjoying the experience of parenting seven children. He transitioned to his present position from serving as DRG business manager from 2000-2016. button link

Creig Littleford - Food Service Director (2001)

Creig has been cooking at the Gorge for several years now and spent 2 years working in food service at Milligan College before coming to Doe River. He and his wife, Melissa, met at age 15. They have two children, Logan and Cassie. button link

Archie Proctor -Purchasing Director/Asset Manager (2004)

After serving as a summer volunteer for nine years, Archie joined the full-time staff. He has a background in construction and owned a business for 23 years. He and his wife, Linda have a daughter, Hannah, and a son, Chris, and three grandchildren. button link

David Legge - Maintenance Supervisor (2004)

Graduated with degree in Business Admin. from Marshall University-1991, and bible courses through Moody Bible Institute. David and wife Samantha moved to East Tennessee in 2001 to train with Moody Aviation. They have two daughters, Micah and Hannah, and two sons, Joseph and Jesse. (more) | family photo | SUPPORT the Legges | Newsletter button link

Joshua Hubbard - Student Coordinator (2010)

Joshua and his wife, Janna, have been involved as: Range Safety Officer, Wilderness and Remote First Aid Instructor, Lifeguard Instructor, Lakefront Director, Security, Registrar and Guest Group Host. (more) | SUPPORT Joshua | Facebook | Newsletter button link

Matt Kellerman - Maintenance (2012)

Graduated from Moody Bible Institute (2002). Served with Carter County Sheriff's Department. He and wife Tracy have five children. (more) | SUPPORT Matt | family photo | Blog | Newsletter button link

Bob Thomas – Vice President of Advancement (2014)

Bob is a former Wycliffe Bible Translator who worked among the Mongi people of Papua New Guinea. Bob raises funds for DRG. He has been married 35 years to Carolyn and has two sons, Whitfield and Colin. button link

Scott Freemon – Business Manager (2016)

Scott served as summer staff at Doe River Gorge from 2010-2015. After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Computer Science in 2013, he assisted in the development of the one-year internship program at DRG. His transition to business manager came over a period of time being mentored by previous DRG business manager, David Jensen. button link

Julia Nelson – Executive Assistant (2017)

Julia graduated from Toccoa Falls College with a degree in Outdoor Leadership & Education and a minor in Biblical Studies. She calls many places “home,” having experienced childhood as a missionary kid in West Africa and Minnesota, high school in Florida, college in Georgia, and a summer in California. Her introduction to Tennessee was as summer staff at Doe River Gorge in 2015. button link

Michael Maughon - Outdoor Education (2017)

Michael worked at Le Reve in Las Vegas before coming on staff at Doe River in order to develop an Outdoor Education program. button link

Jessica Ostrander - Equestrian Director/Maintenance Assistant (2017)

Jessica trained in Parelli Natural Horsemanship methods in 2009. In 2010 she served at Doe River Gorge as Summer Staff and then on full-time staff 2013-15.  She returned to her home in WI for 2 years and returned to Doe River Gorge in 2017. (more)
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Cara Wadley - Registrar (2018)

Cara graduated from Young Harris College in 2017 with her Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies. She is a native of Covington, Georgia, and loves everything about her home state but the summer humidity. Her passion for ministry and people led her to work on summer staff at Doe River Gorge for three summers (2013-2014-2015). That same passion led her back to DRG after college to work full-time. button link