News 2017

May - Clean/Repair Lake one of the biggest annual maintenance items is the cleaning and repairing the lake liner. Filling it from the Doe River takes about a week.

lake cleaning
lake cleaning
lake cleaning
lake cleaning

April - Retired Volunteers

Glen and Janet Ellis

Seven couples representing two traveling service organizations, SOWERS and RVICS, are here for the month of April doing volunteer work to help prepare the campus for the summer camp season. These wonderful, energetic retirees travel the country pulling their RVs (for some, their only home) doing three-week service projects for hundreds of Christian organizations. Doe River Gorge has benefitted greatly over the years from countless hours of generous and valuable help of retired couples volunteering their time and skills.

April-Gen225 Wild at Heart Boot Camp

The Wild at Heart Boot Camp is a quest into the recovery of the masculine soul. Through engaging teaching sessions, times of quiet reflection, adventures and downtime, you will discover something profound about the heart of God and the heart He gave you as a man.

Ever since we were boys, we had a longing to explore. We long to return to that time, because it’s when most men come alive. Adventure, with all its danger and wilderness, is a deeply spiritual longing written into the soul of a man. The masculine heart needs a place where nothing is prefabricated, modular, nonfat, on-line, cellular, on e-mail or in meetings. Where there is room for the heart fully alive.


March - Retired Volunteers, Glen and Janet Ellis

Glen and Janet Ellis
Glen and Janet, native to the Buffalo, NY area and members of the SOWERS with four years of service, worked on a variety of projects during the month of March. Doe River Gorge has benefitted greatly over the years from countless hours of generous and valuable help of retired couples volunteering their time and skills.

March - Jeff Smythe in Guatemala

jeff smythe photovuatemals city view

Jeff Smythe, program staff member since 1999, traveled with a group of 13 from his church, their fourth trip, to serve with the orphanage ministry of Fundaniños. A focus of these trips is to encourage the orphanage staff. Often groups come to work with the kids but the staff is overlooked.

Jeff and the group also connected with missionary Tim Martiny. Tim and his family minister to a slum area in the south part of the capital city and provides vocational classes for children and their parents. Tim utilizes a one-room building that provides a safe place for Bible classes, typing, computer, and tutoring.

During a visit at boys in shopTim’s classroom ministry, an orphanage in the same neighborhood had a riot. The resident youth were protesting the horrible conditions and abuse characteristic of the government-run institution. After the dust had settled, it was revealed that nearly 40 girls had died in the fire set during the turmoil. Through the sadness and shock, the fact was very evident of the difference an orphanage done in the name of Christ can make.

March - Awning Installation much-needed shelter for Crown Steam Locomotive Restoration

locomotive awning installation
locomotive awning installation

Zipline Maintenance

February - Exponential Interns to Costa Rica

wallace francis and interns

Exponential interns travel to serve in Costa Rica for ten days at Camp La Cumbre.They will assist in two programs at the mountain camp. one session is a ministry to children with terminal cancer, and the second session is with a German school where the team will facilitate activities similar to those of the summer Adventure Quest programs at Doe River Gorge.

Exponential is a one-year program with a focus on developing life and ministry skills, and includes classroom and on-the-job training.


wallace francis and interns wallace francis and interns

Nine year NFL veteran, Wallace Francis, returned to Doe River Gorge to conduct training for the EXPONENTIAL internship program, a one year resident leadership program for college-aged students.

Since his retirement from the Atlanta Falcons in 1982, Francis has devoted his life to disciple youth in their Christian faith and to equip leaders in local churches and ministries. Francis has been a popular speaker at our annual Father-Son retreat. His sessions with the EXPONENTIAL interns focused on biblical leadership principles using analogies from his football and life experiences.

DRG president, Terry Maughon, is excited to offer this caliber of training to the interns. "Wallace Francis is a man of God and an excellent bible teacher who desires to mentor young men and women. He has a wealth of knowledge and life lessons that he can pass on to our students. It is an honor to have him teach us."