$27,340 to go!

Help free the captive...check!

A generous donor has blessed us with a $40,000 check to be "released" only when the amount is matched. Only with your help can we free this "Captive Check". Help us double the gift!

Once "freed" these funds will be used to free other captives...young people who have never placed their faith in Jesus Christ. Many will be here in a few short months for our Summer Programs where they will be able to meet the Creator God and learn what it means to be freed from the power and penalty of sin through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Please join us in this great opportunity!

Double your giving impact!

$40 = $80

$200 = $400

$750 = $1,500

$2,000 = $4,000

$5,000 = $10,000

Progress Report: $12,660 of $40,000 = $25,320 of $80,000

$27,340 to go!