Father/Son Challenge

A weekend adventure for fathers & sons ages 8 and up

dads and sons

Sept. 15-17, 2017

$200 per person

At the Father/Son Challenge you won’t just hang out together – you'll hang off together – off a 90-foot cliff, that is, as you seek to climb it or rappel it. You can race each other down the triple water-landing zipline, issue a challenge to be the first to the top of the technical tree climb, or team up with other dads and sons for some high-energy paintball competition in the woods.

You may want to try the caving ladders, or the "leap"... catch a trapeze by jumping from the top of a 30-foot pole, go caving, play disc golf, and test your skills on the vertical challenge course, shoot skeet with a 12 gauge, ride the Mog, or join in a fun game of octaball. You can plan your day to do as much as your energy and time will allow.

Whatever you choose to do, your weekend will be full of unforgetable dad and son fun. You'll be refreshed, renewed, and your relationship with one another will be at a whole new level.


"I learned how much my Dad loves me." – Nate, son, North Carolina

"My son was 9 years old on our first Father/Son Challenge. Now he has become a man any father would be proud of, and I can say that our visits to Doe River Gorge have been an integral part of our relationship, my training as a father, and his formation as a Christian." - Digby, father, Kentucky

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