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food serversDoe River Gorge’s SALT program is designed for students who know the Lord, but who have developed a desire to deeply and intimately know His many and wonderful attributes that are revealed through Scripture. SALT provides the opportunity to fill your desire to create friendships that will last—the kind of friendships that come from working, sweating, and praying together. We look for participants who are willing and ready to sacrifice so that others can experience what they have discovered. As the second step in our sequential process of knowing God, SALT will help you begin the journey to become this type of Biblical servant leader.

girl being blobbedFor 20 exciting days, you will work and play alongside your peers while you learn that the first quality of leadership is the possession of a good attitude. You will work as a team as you wash dishes, mop floors, take out trash, and perform other service support to help Adventure Quest function and flourish. You will also constantly encourage each other through high adventure activities and team building!

Counselors are hand-picked and trained to work with older and more mature students and will be with you every step of the way. These counselors will be your mentors and will challenge you to have a close relationship with God and to live it out in the real world.

You will spend your days studying God's Word, experiencing passionate worship, enjoying fireside chats, and having great fun and adventure. Although the days can be long and the work is hard, SALT will refresh you and will allow you to discover that true joy and fulfillment come not from being served, but from serving others.

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