Summer Camp Programs in East Tennessee

You are invited to encounter the phenomenon of an experience at Doe River Gorge in Tennessee! Whether you are in elementary school, a teenager, trekking through college, or seeking to engage your family or organized group, the Doe River Gorge summer camp programs offer opportunities to experience exciting adventures, learn new skills, develop leadership qualities, and grow exponentially in your personal life—all while getting to know the God of all creation. Explore these pages to find the program that is right for you and begin a journey that will unleash you to live the adventure that God intended!

Spectacular Scenery

river rapidsAt Doe River Gorge you will be captivated by the handiwork of God’s spectacular creation. It is a place of rugged mountains, scenic meadows, vertical rock cliffs, rushing whitewater rapids, and colorful flora. Steep mountain walls surrounded by thousands of acres of the Cherokee National Forest guard this refuge from the outside world, creating a pristine sanctuary.

Fascinating History

In 1866 an entrepreneur sought to construct a railway from Johnson City, Tennessee, to Cranberry, North Carolina. To reach Cranberry would require construction of a passage through the deep, rugged chasm known as Doe River Gorge—a feat that many said was impossible.

old steam locomotiveUsing sharp turns, hugging narrow ledges, squeezing through tight tunnels, and crossing the Doe River on high trestles, the East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad made its first journey in 1882. The Tweetsie, as it came to be affectionately known, ran for over 70 years until it was abandoned in 1950.

With a portion of this railroad now restored you will travel these historic rails through a canopied forest, along narrow ledges, and through 130-year-old tunnels as you journey to the various sites of your high adventure experiences.

Premier Facilities

cedar mountain lodgeThe spectacular atmosphere at Doe River Gorge is enhanced with facilities and amenities that create a “I can’t believe it’s real” place for young people.

You can sleep in a riverfront cabin, a charming railroad sleeper car or historic caboose, a magnificent lodge, or a huge tepee down by the river. All lodging facilities are air conditioned and have full bath facilities.

There is also a recreational lake where you can race your friends down 700 foot long ziplines, get catapulted by the blob, play knee-deep water volleyball, relax on the white sand beach, or explore the challenge of the 70' climbing tower overlooking the lake.

Festive Big Top Tents serve as dining space and meeting areas. There are bridges, gazebos, game areas, playing fields, and much more that will make you want to stay here forever.

The Doe River Gorge Experience

Because people are the pinnacle of God’s creation and the passion of His heart, all of the property at Doe River Gorge has been set aside and enhanced to create the ultimate “I-can’t-believe-it’s-real” place for young people.

Here, in this spectacular environment, you can experience. . .


kids on ziplineDoe River Gorge may be the happiest gathering place on planet earth! Strap on a harness and race down a triple 700-foot zipline where you will splash into a crystal mountain lake. Get catapulted by the blob, play an intense game of water basketball, or soak up some rays on the white-sand beach. Then challenge your friends to a game of disc golf or relax at the Side-Track Café. Doe River Gorge is a place where you can experience fun and laughter while creating unforgettable memories.


kids on swinging bridgeDoe River Gorge explodes with adventure! Feel the adrenaline flow as you scale the 70' climbing tower, rappel sheer rock walls, tube whitewater rapids, brave the vertical challenge course, leap off a 30' pole to a trapeze bar, or engage in a battle of paintball. Saddle up a horse and ride along a quiet mountain trail or take a stroll along the banks of the Doe River. These and many other activities will stimulate and challenge that desire for adventure.


kids playing octaballAt Doe River Gorge you will be uplifted and encouraged as you find yourself surrounded by friendly, smiling faces ready to help you have one of the best times of your life! In an atmosphere where people are celebrated and “put-downs” are not permitted, you will build new and lasting friendships and find refuge from the pressures of your everyday culture. Regardless of what your life experience has been, you will find a place where past hurts and failures can be put behind you. You will discover that you are important, valued, and uniquely created by God for a significant purpose.


group of kidsAt Doe River Gorge our desire is for you to know the ever-loving, forgiving, empowering God who so passionately cares about you! Specifically our mission is to cultivate in people a passion to intimately know God which results in a heart of worship, a desire for purity, and a Christ-centered vision for their lives. As your knowledge of God increases, your life will take on new meaning and direction as you discover and live out the plan He has for you. You will realize that real joy comes from living for Christ, and you will be better equipped to take a stand for the values that bring real happiness and meaning. You will gain a new love for people, a love for God’s truth, and a new joy in living each day.

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